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Terms of Use

The purpose of this blog is to provide information on potential new treatments, which are still in development and not yet completely proved. Whether they should be considered for clinical use or not should be decided only in consultation with your physician. It is not intended to diagnose a person’s condition or be received as specific medical advice. This blog does not represent a doctor-patient relationship and is not meant to take the place of medical services provided by a licensed physician or medical specialist. The entries written by Dr. Podell may be edited or deleted without notice and carries no guarantees.

Comment Policy

Dr. Podell will not personally review or reply to comments or questions posed on this blog. Comments that are solicitations, have a degrading tone or appear to be language copied from other sources will not be allowed. Comments that either add value to the post or are relevant to the post are welcomed. We reserve the right to correct any grammatical errors or modify the posts in any way that makes them suitable for publishing.

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