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Books Written by Dr. Podell

Patient Power: How to Protect Yourself from Medical Error by Dr. Richard PodellPATIENT POWER: How to Protect Yourself from Medical Error by Richard N. Podell, M.D., and William Proctor

Dr. Richard Podell’s recent paperback, PATIENT POWER, is an invaluable practical guide for helping patients communicate with their physicians and prevent medical mistakes.  This comprehensive, easy-to-understand book gives you the knowledge, vocabulary, and techniques you need to make informed decisions about medical care.  Organized by ailment, it describes what you should know when confronted with specific symptoms or complaints and includes vital advice on how to:  determine whether symptoms signal a disease or is a side-effect of a medication, avoid turning a simple medical problem into a life threatening disaster, recognize when the care you are receiving is actually aggravating your condition, rather than relieving it.            Retail: U.S. $13.00/$17.50 Canada

"Valuable and Potentially life-saving...this is one guide that can be trusted."--Denton A. Cooley, M.D., Texas Heart Institute

"It is readable, comprehensive and practical--could even save your life!" Mark Peppercorn, Associate Professor Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

"Buy this book. More important, read it, and then reread it before every visit to your doctor."--Howard Spiro, JD. Director, Program for Humanities in Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine

Patient Power: How to Protect Yourself from Medical Error by Dr. Richard Podell - Buy it at

Additional books written by Dr. Richard N. Podell:

Doctor, Why Am I So Tired?, NY: Pharos Books, 1988, a Book of the Month Club Alternate Selection

The G-Index Diet: the Missing Link that Makes Permanent Weight Loss Possible, NY: Warner Books, 1993

When Your Doctor Doesn't Know Best; Medical Mistakes that Even the Best Doctors Make--and How to Protect Yourself, NY: Simon & Schuster, 1995, a Book of the Month Club Alternate Selection

Primary Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease; A Practical Guide for the Clinicians, Menlo Park, CA: Addison Wesley, 1983 (co-author M. Stewart)

The Guide to Diabetes Self Management, Upjohn Co., 1980

Physicians Guide; Compliance in Hypertension, West Point, PA: Merck Pharmaceuticals, 1976



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